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Rita Neri



1500 W. Chicago , Chicago , IL


Early on, I experienced the typical reservations about whether or not I had the “right stuff” to succeed in a transaction oriented business. An old family friend in the insurance business counseled me on the important aspects of operating within a commissioned-based business. He told me not to concern myself with the money associated with any single transaction, but to dedicate myself to serving the needs of my client. He said that if you go out of your way to “delight” your client, the money and reputation as a professional will follow. This single piece of information has served me well over the past 25 years.As to the skills required to service a client in a special way, the most important attribute I have found is to be an exceptional listener. I try to ask probing questions and then sit back and really listen to what my client is saying. I often learn more about their needs from what they don’t say! I am able to differentiate needs from wants and focus on the really important issues of my client through a perceptive listening skill developed over a lengthy career. My education in this business has been a combination of courses taken, seminars and associations with successful people. I am committed to a life-long learning experience and have found that you can learn things anywhere if you maintain an open mind and a passion for self-improvement. I believe that credentials (formal education) may open a few doors, but character, integrity and performance are the only things that will keep you competing successfully in maintaining and developing a good client base. At the end of the day, all we have is our reputation in the community and our integrity in dealing with individuals in our daily interchanges. I guard both closely as my future depends upon it.


  • Land Listings
  • Listing Agent
  • New construction
  • Residential

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