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Basic Details of PHILLIP TARANTINO - Creator of the "SELL 3 " Sellers Program

PHILLIP TARANTINO - Creator of the "SELL 3 " Sellers Program



43 Pottle Street , Kingston , MA


It's all about CHOICES! We're all CONSUMERS, especially when buying or selling a property. On occasion we might become impulsive, yet when you CHOOSE to sell your property today, make the right CHOICE in selecting an agent and company to represent you, choose Phillip Tarantino of Tarantino Real Estate. WHY? In 1997, I personally changed the course and history of the real estate industry by creating, designing and developing the "SELL @ 3%" Sellers Program. It was my CHOICE to seperate myself from traditional brokerage practices by offering you a reduced commission structure in what you'd pay a broker in the sale of your property. The previous commission structure, prior to "SELL @ 3%", was what the Broker TOLD you. Didn't you ever wonder why you never had a CHOICE in what you could pay? Good News, thats all changed! TODAY you can CHOOSE Tarantino Real Estate with our exclusive "SELL @ 3%" Sellers Program. Simply, you'll pay LESS, yet, you'll receive all the other benefits all other companies provide, i.e., share your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Global exposure in the Internet (,,, Trulia, etc.) all to create maximum coverage at no additional expense, In addition there'll be Open Houses, arranging all showings, multiple digital photographs, multiple brochures, signage and lockboxes plus trusted advise, knowledgeable agents and skilled negotiations. Both the internet and MLS systems display your listing in full color (up to 29 photos) with an extended "remarks" and detail sections. In a fraction of a second, both MLS and reach hundreds of Brokers and any of their "matching" Buyers. In addition, instantaneously your property is seen by thousands of local, national and global Buyers. Go "on line", in the privacy of your own home, and search the real estate market place, nearly 90% of all Buyers begin here! Now think about this. Most SELLERS think in a "traditional way" by wanting to see their property in a newspaper or monthly format media. Today the internet provides the greatest exposure to all Brokers, real estate companies and BUYERS! Currently, up to 75% of all real estate sales are sold cooperatively between one real estate company and another (co-broke). The remaining 25+/-% become sold with the use of signs, internet exposure, Open Houses, "in office" Buyers and lastly, advertising. Rather than charge you a higher commission for useless "newspaper/media advertising" we've reduced our fees substantially, yet continue to provide excellent representaion and maximum exposure through out the listing agreement. Don't be persuaded to pay higher fees because someone promises to advertise when those Brokers are equally knowledgeable about the 75+/-% of "co-broke" sales. Sure you can afford to pay more, BUT WHY? Those that complain the most, regarding a lower commission structure, are real estate brokers! I work for you, not for them! BUYING? My personal knowledge and experience with hundreds of successfully closed transactions can make a huge difference in CHOOSING a property that best fits your needs. Buyers, "Sign up" on my website at and receive daily emails of all properties with your specific criteria (price range, towns, BR's, etc.). Ask about our "SELL then BUY" Payback Program.


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