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Pat and Paul have been the leading real estate team for The Landings Company since they came to the company. The best way to tell about them is from referrals directly from clients they assisted. We will put just a few here sent to our broker.Client Recommendations sent to the Ewaldsen's broker:My husband and myself have bought and sold 27 houses in our married life so we have used our share of realtors. Although we have many friends in the Landings who sell real estate a friend of mine here who has many real estate holdings said the Ewaldsens work harder than any couple she had ever seen. She was correct. From the moment we met them we realized they were an extraordinary team. They each have their talents and together there is a synergy you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. In a depressed market they worked to get close to our asking price. They were creative in their ideas on how we should prepare our home for sale as well as creative on how we could work out the closing of a rather tricky move. We truly had never seen two more professional realtors in our life. As much as we hope we never have to move again if it so happens we will be back with Pat and Paul! Sincerely, Carol and Rick Barrett ______________________________________________________________My wife and I have spent a lifetime in Real Estate and looked for the best to list and sell our home. That is why we chose Pat and Paul Ewaldsen. They were professional in every way and did a great job making sure our home was shown and got sold in a timely manner. Barbara and Jeff Marquis______________________________________________________________Pat and Paul have been fantastic™and continue to be the best, by far, professionals we have ever worked with in real estate. We wouldn™t be here without them. They continue to be much more than real estate agents, we call them great friends.Mary-Wynn and Frank Fini, Toronto, Canada______________________________________________________________Pat & Paul Now that all of the dust has settled Molly & I want to thank you for the fabulous job you did for us. I have been involved in over 100 real estate transactions as a buyer or seller and your efforts easily stand at the top of the list. Your team approach made us feel as if we had 24/7 coverage or access to you. I can™t tell you how many times in other transactions I would leave a message and wait for a response. And regardless of which team member we connected there was always total recall of all the minutiae. I don™t know how you share all of that information back and forth but it was very impressive. We also appreciate your abilities to handle some dicey negotiations on both the buy and sell side. This resulted in fair transactions™ where all parties could walk away a winner. Molly and I would both be happy to act as a referral or even talk with any of your clients to go into more detail if that opportunity ever occurs. Thanks again for making these transactions™ easy for us every step of the way. Rick & Molly Wright______________________________________________________________™We were thrilled with the service we received from Pat. She convinced us to purchase here within 6 hours of driving through the gate for the first time. She zeroed in on what we wanted to look at and within 3 hours we decided on a purchase. After negotiating a great contract for us she followed up with all thenecessary procedures which led a smooth closing. We were only here two days and we felt like we had known her for a lifetime. Her efficiency paired with her enthusiasm would be hard to match. ™Jerry & Lynne Boortz, Ft. Collins, Colorado______________________________________________________________In discovering The Landings, Pat was the best! John & Kathy Chenault (Maineville, Ohio)______________________________________________________________ We have done three Real Estate transactions with Pat and Paul- two purchases and one listing and sale! We felt we got the best care possible! Judy & Phil Lattavo (Canton, Ohio/Savannah, Georgia)______________________________________________________________We are so grateful to Pat. Not only did she help us find the right home, she made the process easy, seamless and effortless. She was a joy to work with.

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