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Mary Butler



3124 S. Regal, Suite 201 , Spokane , WA


I appreciate very much when I am a customer and I am treated well -- or even with exceptional service! Being a realtor is an awesome opportunity to run my business based on my personal values: the customer comes first, honesty and integrity will always be the best choice and it is my job to get my customer what THEY want -- not what I want for them! Sounds like splitting hairs a bit but in the heat of a deal that has to be remembered sometimes!!The rest of my story: Raised in Spokane. Fortunate enough to move to Maui for @ 14 years where I worked and played hard. Returned to Spokane in 1996 - on a temporary basis I thought - and I'm still here! I was away long enough to appreciate the many great qualities of Spokane and to be happy to again settle here. I have an Master's in counseling, lots of experience running small businesses and a passion for people dreaming big and hitting their own personal jack pot. My personal time is spent in community service work -- I serve on several boards for local worthy causes, and I'm in love with a cowboy named Robert. No kids, by choice, and I am lucky to have a bunch of very cool nieces and nephews who tickle me with their brilliance and zest for all things fun. I'm love to sell real estate -- love looking at houses, negotiating deals,researcdhing prices and options and handing those keys over to the new owner. I would be thrilled to help you however you might ask so don't hesitate to call me!


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