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34225 N. 27th Dr.Bldg. 5, Ste 138 , Phoenix , AZ


Why Utilize Justin M. BakerLocal Knowledge, Local Advice with Aggressive Marketing from an Experienced and Trusted REALTOR.1.Do you have time to research the residential housing market but also understand the best type of property and location?2.Do you have access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on properties for sale?3.Do you understand how to properly compile real sales data, absorption rates, etc?4.Do you know how to properly structure an offer based upon the sales data that has a reasonable chance of closing?5.Do you understand real estate representation? What is the difference between a client and a customer? Do you have someone loyal to you that will represent only you, not the seller?6.Are you familiar with the AAR real estate contract? Buyer Advisory? Short Sales? Foreclosures? REO? Bank Owned?7.Do you have the expertise to negotiate on your own behalf when, for the most part, the seller’s side has a real estate professional assisting the seller with negotiations?8.Do you have the ability to find a qualified home inspector? What about termite inspector? What about Title Company? 9.Do you have a trustworthy Mortgage Banker to research the current home loan programs and determine which one is best for you?10.Do you know the local zoning codes, building codes and planning for the area you have interest in?These issues and many more will come up during the home buying process. Having a buyer’s representative, such as Justin Baker, who has earned the ABR® designation will be a great asset to you in today’s confusing and challenging real estate marketplace.


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