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Basic Details of Jeremy  Litwiller

Jeremy  Litwiller



1962 Evelyn Byrd Ave. , Harrisonburg , VA


Having spent a large portion of my life in Sales, Purchasing, Construction, and the Automotive world, I have been able to develop a unique skill set with which to serve my clients. My college background was Pre-Med with a focus on Biochemistry, but I soon learned that I was better suited to work more with people and less in the lab.I am able to walk into a home and look at it through the eyes of a builder having done just about every trade necessary to build a home from start to finish. Very few agents are able to bring that knowledge and experience to the table. From framing to HVAC, Plumbing, Trim work and more, there isn''t much that I haven''t done with my own two hands.My time spent in the automotive world has also served me well in real estate. There is no tougher negotiation than trying to buy millions of dollars worth of high end vehicles in the wholesale market. Working mainly in the northeast US, I learned many lessons about the art of negotiating from some of the toughest people in the business.My passion is farms, land and estates, but I am just as comfortable working with buyers and sellers in the traditional residential market. I work very hard on the internet side of my business and have learned and implemented a great deal of SEO to my website to drive traffic from the search engines. While this is helpful in finding new clients, it is also a great plus for my clients and the properties I am working to sell.I am a lifetime member of the renowned Sandler Sales Institute President''s Club which teaches the following: "Seek first to understand before you seek to be understood". I think this is a great way to approach all aspects of one''s professional and personal life.

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