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Holly  Thomas


1425 Sagamore Pkwy N , Lafayette , IN


Hi. I am a native born Hoosier who has been a part of this community for over 28 years and happy to call this area home. My husband, a Purdue grad, and I have found the people here to be warm, friendly and anxious to help everyone feel a part of this big "clan" we call Tippecanoe County. When not working, the hubby and I live to travel the world and learn about other cultures. It is always great to return to this community -- the cost of living is reasonable; you will feel a sense of safety not found in big cities; and there is lots of cultural, sports and community activities to keep you busy. That's my goal when I help newcomers settle here. I want them to become as settled here as I have and not ever want to leave! It has saddened me to see the real estate crisis affect so many other states in the past few years. Massive depreciation in housing has caused so many people to lose their homes. Here in our area, we have not seen devastation like that. Yes, our market is slower than it was. Yes, we have had some foreclosures. But we never saw the great peaks of appreciation like in the sand states. So I am happy to say we have not seen great drops in home values either. I work dilligently with my customers to make sure their investment here is a safe one.More than any other philosophy, I try to follow the Golden Rule. Buyer or selling a home can be one of the more stressful, scary and yet exciting times of someone's life. My job is to be there holding hands and guiding the clients and customers through the maze we call the transaction process. There are lots of traps and holes along the way that folks can get caught in. I would not want to be there and I don't let my clients. My responsibility is to always put the customer's needs first, even when it means being the bearer of bads news. This philosophy have caring first for the customer has paid off for me and I am happy to say my business has grown from the referrals of past customers and clients. In fact, I am now working with some second generation buyers. That is always fun to see. I always tell customers to work with an agent they trust and feel comfortable with. Our relationship is as close as extended family during the time you are buying or selling a home. Don't select an agent based on exaggerated claims. Check references. Remember to ask about the Golden Rule. It has worked well for me for over 20 years. Just say, "For Houses, Call Holly."


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