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Basic Details of Helen Hoyt and team-3 daughters Portland Creative

Helen Hoyt and team-3 daughters Portland Creative



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Our Code of Ethics-How I built my business and am still building it : I always try to put my client's interests first. I strive to be honest and sincere... and I really do care about my clients. I am one of those strange people that actually likes and trusts other people! And time and again, this belief in people has proven to be justified! Hopefully, if I continue to live by this rule- I will build a loyal group of clients who will keep coming back when they need help with real estate- and will recommend me to their friends!I'm also a go-getter, very creative in my thinking and business, and willing to work 24-7 if need be! I have raised my daughters to be the same kind of people, and they are! So whichever one of us you choose, you will know that we will always do our very best to help you -either find a house to buy, or sell your house! And the four of us all work together because we love, trust and respect each other. So if one of us can't help you with something, the rest of us will jump in and get it done!What makes us Different? We are a family company- it is our life! It is what we love to do! I work with my 3 daughters as partners, and my husband is our webguy and office manager! Each one of us has our own distinct personality, specialties and strengths, which we can use to help you with your real estate needs. Our company is very unique - because we love each other! And because of this, we are always willing to help each other when help is needed, and go that extra mile for you- our client- because this is our very own company- part of us- a legacy we are building for our future!We wrote the Portland Neighborhood Guide to help people get to know Portland better! It is an in-depth, all inclusive, ads or to Portland with photos, detailed descriptions of the flavor and personality of each neighborhood, history, links to parks, trails, businesses, schools and anything else that makes the neighborhood special. We even did alot of the main suburbs! We do 1.5% Listings and Flat Fee listings! Full service real estate for less! Check it out I've been a realtor for 15 years- and before becoming a realtor I built and remodeled homes, worked at Home Depot for 5 years teaching classes on remodeling-even wrote and taught the Home Depot University 2 hour class on Electrical! So I know alot about older homes and can help both my buyers and sellers understand just what might be going on with their home- help them understand the inspection, and what really needs to be done!!Check out my website to learn more about us- Our wide expertise in the different neighborhoods and close in suburbs of Portland can help you as you explore the different areas of Portland when you are trying to decide where you want to live! I make it a point to give my clients as much time as they need- giving them tours of different neighborhoods- helping them to get to know the flavor and personality of each area they are curious about.....also making suggestions as I watch their reactions to different houses and areas! Portland has so many different types of lifestyles and personalities! It is important to understand how it is laid out and how it fits together before you make a decision as to where you want to live. That is my specialty- I want to make sure my clients are going to be really happy with their new home and neighborhood. As far as helping with repairs, I'm an expert in that. Because I have remodeled and sold houses for most of my life-I understand the problems and issues that come up in a Home Inspection, and can help you understand what you are looking at and what to do about it! How do I know that? Partly because of my hands on experience in all the remodeling I have done over the years, and I also worked at the Tigard Home Depot for 5 years... in electrical for 3. I taught classes on electrical, plumbing, and all kinds of remodeling- even writing and teaching the 2 hour electrical class for Home Depot University. I learned alot during that time, because I was working shoulder to shoulder with contractors and experts! I also have a good eye for problems- and am very good at seeing potential in a home. I know the market, and can help you choose a home that will be a great investment! Or if you are selling, I can help you with the negotiations when the buyer tries to get you to do repairs that don't really need to be done


  • Realtor for 14 yrs-Principal Broker-Portland Neigh

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