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Anne Shahmoon



3732 Riverdale Avenue , Riverdale , NY


Anne Shahmoon brings extensive knowledge of real estate, marketing and negotiation to her work as a seasoned agent at Sotheby™s International Realty. Real estate is the third of three careers and is the most rewarding. ™Real estate is challenging and exciting. It™s personally satisfying to assist someone in finding their dream home or selling their current residence.™ Helping home buyers and sellers feel comfortable and happy about what is often the largest investment they will ever make is both a challenge and a pleasure. Anne takes great satisfaction in sharing her knowledge and utilizing her skills to help people confidently make the right real estate decision. Since re-entering the real estate sales world in the spring of 2006, Anne has worked in two arenas ™ the resale marketplace and in new condominium development sales. Anne brings 10 years of marketing and business experience, cultivated with clients such as Merrill Lynch and Citigroup, to the presentation of all of her exclusive listings. The business skills honed in these competitive environments make Anne a strong negotiator for both her sellers and buyers. Anne is a graduate of Brown University and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She has lived with her husband and two children in Manhattan, Westchester and now in Riverdale. She understands all three environments and enjoys working in each of them. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm about Riverdale ™ and how in many ways it unifies the best of the city with the best of the suburbs ™ with those just discovering the community for the first time. Anne Shahmoon listens carefully to her customers™ and clients™ needs and then works passionately and tirelessly with them to accomplish their objectives. As a homeowner herself, Anne knows firsthand the sometimes grueling experience of buying, selling, moving and home renovation. She is pleased to bring the compassion and calmness that she developed as a licensed acupuncturist and certified Yoga teacher to her relationships with both customers and clients, as together they negotiate what can often be stressful and harrowing terrain.

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