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We look forward to a very successful relationship with you! POPUTRUST offers a unique opportunity to help people. People Search is a massive Multi-BILLION dollar market. People no longer just search “for fun” on celebrity names – a quick name search is often a precursor to a business meeting, a romantic date, a landlord/tenant relationship, employer/employee screening, college application process, or other research process. Billions of Searches for name per DAY from the web (i.e. Google) and increasingly from from Mobile Devices. Currently, big data firms are selling this data to the highest bidder…soon…as awareness of this practice grows…individuals will want to own, control, and sell their personal data back to these same marketers. PopuTrust is where individuals go to take back control of their Online Identity and sensitive Personal Data.
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  • Earn 5-25% Commission on every Referral
  • Performance Incentives
  • 90 day cookie duration (you will get credit)
  • Innovative Background Check Solutions
  • Order Sizes up to $50,000
  • Wide Selection of Creatives & Links
  • ASK for specials & promotions
  • Data-feeds & API Calls
  • Offline Conversion Tracking (we ask in-bound callers)
  • Affiliate Optimization Advice
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager w/15+ Years SEO/SEM Experience

Our Customers use POPUTRUST in one of the following ways:

  1. Background Reports: $4.95 per Report
  2. Report Achieving: $3.95 per Report
  3. Monthly Membership: $24.95 per Month
  4. Annual Membership: $99 per year
  5. Wealth Screening: $99 per Subject Person
  6. Full Background Report: $500 per Subject Person
  7. Full Background Report(Non-USA) $1000 per Subject Person
  8. Corporate Due Dilligence: $1500 per Subject Firm
  9. Corporate Dilligence (Non-USA) $2000 per Subject Firm

For our corporate customers, a single order can be 100+ Reports at $500/each. Our valued affiliates earn a 5-25% Commission on every Referral. At a 10% commission this is a $5000 commission to you! Submit your Referral Here


Our users at tend to be financial services professionals based in the United States with annual incomes over $100,000, however the service also appeals to a wider audience, including home-makers, investors, real estate professionals, small business owners, nonprofit agencies, banking professionals, legal professionals and others.


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